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Acromag release new innovative PCIe-based AcroPack Series of General Purpose I/O

Acromag's new innovative PCIe-based Acromag Series of general purpose I/O modules for embedded computing applications are an extended version of the mPCIe specification and feature a 100-pin connector to handle the I/O.  The modules plug into connectors on AcroPack carriers to add analogue or digital input and output or communication in any combination for embedded applications runnin on Linux, Windows or VX Works Operating Systems.  Acromag's AcroPack PCIe carrier holds up to two mini-PCIe or AcroPack mezzanine modules.

Four AcroPack mezzanine modules will offer 32 isolated digital input model AP440, 32 isolated digitial output model AP445, 32 I/O channels with 0 to 60V model AP408, and four or eight UART ports RS232 model AP50x.

For easy integration of the AP modules with real time software application pgorams, Acromag offers C libraries for VxWorks and other operating systems.  The libraries provide generic routines (source code include) to handle reads, writes, interruptions and other functions.

AcroPacks are RoHS compliant and ideal for scientific development labs, aerospace, defence and automation applications.

Metromatics proudly sell, service and support all of the Acromag product range in Australia and New Zealand and have been doing so for over 5 years.

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